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Manufacturer of everyday objects

Sementis contributes to the responsible, local reindustrialization of know-how lost in France. We help brands develop their range of useful everyday objects.

Our products

Bathroom products and accessories made in France (in Anjou), eco-responsible, durable and customisable with your brand? Thanks to the determination of entrepreneurs from Anjou, an outstanding team and numerous institutional supporters, this is now possible.

Our values


The authenticity we love and are known for is the fruit of our integrity, and will continue to be so as long as we rigorously follow this path.


Optimism fuels our daily drive and ambition.

It leads us to look to the future, always imagining new solutions, and believing that nothing is impossible.


This natural closeness, which we cultivate and to which we are attached, enables us to create excellent relationships of trust with our partners.


Ingenuity is our guiding principle in the sourcing we carry out, in the solutions we devise and in the products we manufacture in the future.